Why we should be excited – and worried – about Neuralink’s brain-computer interface

Some weeks ago, a nine-year-old macaque monkey called Pager successfully played a game of Pong with its mind. While it may sound like science fiction, the demonstration by Elon Musk’s neurotechnology company Neuralink is an example of a brain-machine interface in action (and has been done before). A coin-sized disc called a “Link” was implanted by a precision surgical robot […]

EU commission to take hard-line stance against ‘high-risk’ AI

The European Commission is set to unveil a new set of regulations for artificial intelligence products. While some AI tech would be outright banned, other potentially harmful systems would be forced through a vetting process before developers could release them to the general public. The proposed legislation, per a leak obtained by Politico’s Melissa Heikkila, would ban systems it deems […]

Google and Apple block update to England’s contact-tracing app over privacy violation

An update to England and Wales’ contact-tracing app has been blocked by Apple and Google for violating their location data collection rules. When gyms, pub gardens, and non-essential shops reopened today, the COVID-19 app was supposed to have a new feature that would log every place that a user checked into. If they later tested positive, the app would inform […]

Physicists working with Microsoft think the universe is a self-learning computer

A team of theoretical physicists working with Microsoft today published an amazing pre-print research paper describing the universe as a self-learning system of evolutionary laws. In other words: We live inside a computer that learns. The big idea: Bostrom’s Simulation Argument has been a hot topic in science circles lately. We published “What if you’re living in a simulation, but […]

Adventures with AI: Can computer vision and GPT-3 get me fit?

Welcome to Adventures with AI, a column exploring what happens when artificial intelligence takes control of everyday tasks. I enjoy exercise, but I’ve always hated gyms. I loathe the pugnacious meatheads hogging the bench; the vacuous EDM pounding my brain into mush; the putrid blend of BO dripping off the walls; the eye-watering fees; the fear of being judged. They’re ghastly […]

Watch a cyborg monkey play Pong with its mind, thanks to Elon Musk’s Neuralink

Elon Musk hopes to put computer chips in our brains that will enable “human-AI symbiosis.” But for now, he’s focused on making monkeys play video games. Musk’s Neuralink startup posted a video today of a primate playing Pong with its mind. The nine-year-old macaque, called Pager, has a Neuralink implanted in his brain. [embedded content] Pager was first trained to play Pong with […]

Intel’s new AI helps you get just the right amount of hate speech in your game chat

The Intel microprocessor company was founded in 1968. It’s bushwhacked a trail of technology and innovation in the decades since to become one of the leading manufacturers of computer chips worldwide. But never mind all that. Because we live in a world where Kodak is a failed cryptocurrency company that’s now dealing drugs and everyone still thinks Elon Musk invented […]

AI helps recreate painting hidden under a Picasso masterpiece

AI has helped recreate an artwork that had been hidden under a Pablo Picasso painting for nearly 120 years. The mysterious landscape lurks beneath the visible surface of Picasso’s La Miséreuse Accroupie (The Crouching Beggar), a portrayal of a destitute woman. Credit: Oxia PalusThe Crouching Beggar is a major work from Picasso’s Blue Period. In 2018, researchers used an X-ray fluorescence […]

Spot the (robot) dog enlists in the French Army, (battery) dies

In news that should surprise no one, Boston Dynamics‘ terrifying robot dog is being tested by a military force. Spot was pictured alongside French soldiers during a series of training exercises at a military school in Brittany. 21. Je déploie le robot pour reconnaitre OSCAR3.Retour en images sur l’exercice de recherche appliquée organisé les 30 et 31 mars par l’EMIA et le […]