Why robots make great surgeons and crappy nurses

Robotic surgery systems are used in thousands of hospitals around the world. A decade ago they were clunky machines built to assist with routine procedures. Today, they’re capable of conducting end-to-end surgeries without human aid. Recent leaps in the field of deep learning have made difficult tasks such as surgery, electronics assembly, and piloting a fighter jet relatively simple. It […]

Can AI be hypnotized?

It’s no longer considered science fiction fodder to imagine a human-level machine intelligence in our lifetimes. Year after year we see the status quo in AI research shattered as yesterday’s algorithms bear way to today’s systems. One day, perhaps within a matter of decades, we might build machines with artificial neural networks that imitate our brains in every meaningful way. […]

The 5 best fictional AIs in gaming

There’s something cool and meta about interacting with, playing as, or fighting against an artificial intelligence in video games. AI has captured our imagination in print, film, and even song, but games give us the space to interact with and see fantastical worlds from otherwise impossible perspectives. To be absolutely clear, this isn’t about the games with the smartest “CPU […]

Necromancy: Scientists built a robot that can hear through a dead locust’s ear

A team of scientists from Tel-Aviv University have successfully given a robot the ability to hear sounds through the use of a dead locust’s ear. What? Seriously. A university press release highlighting the team’s work had this to say: Researchers at Tel Aviv University report that they have successfully connected the ear of a dead locust to a robot that […]