General Info


24-May-2022 Exhibitor Set-Up

10:00 AM Exhibitors can commence Setting up of Equipment/Displays on Their Specified Stands. Exhibitor & Contractor Badges will be available at the Organiser’s Office On-Site.

25 Nov 2022 Exhibition

09:30 Opens For Exhibitors

10:00 Registration Opens

18:00 Exhibition Closes

26 Nov 2022 Exhibition

09:30 Opens For Exhibitors

10:00 Exhibition Opens

18:00 Exhibition Closes

27 Nov 2022 Exhibition

09:30 Opens For Exhibitors

10:00 Exhibition Opens

16:00 Exhibition Closes

16:00 – 22:00 Breakdown

Venue: Sarit Expo Centre, Westlands Nairobi, Kenya

For security reasons please ensure all your staff are registered & have been issued with passes. No one will be allowed into the exhibition area without a pass.

* The Organiser reserves the right to change the programme at any time in the interests of continuity.


Stand construction: The shell scheme is of the maxima & octonorm types both. Corner stands have two open sides. The height is 2.5m overall. Basic lettering on fascia is in black against a white background. Fascia lettering will be uniform throughout the hall. Company logos are not provided by the Organisers but are available to print from artwork supplied by exhibitors at costs shown in the Furniture & Upgrade Catalog which accompanies this manual.

Stand dressing: Neither the aluminium nor the panels Nov be painted or drilled into or damaged in any way. Wallpaper Nov not be used. Signs/photographs, logos etc. (lightweight) can be fixed to the panels by double-sided tape or velcro. Glue must not be used. You can use self-adhesive hooks on the panels.

Floor covering: Carpets must be protected from all damage. Costs relating to damage to the carpet will be passed on to the exhibitor. Exhibitors with space only stands are not provided with carpet.

Electrical: For each 9sqm shell scheme unit, three spotlights are fitted behind the fascia & one 13 amp socket outlet at floor level on the rear wall. Extra lights & plug sockets Nov be ordered at additional cost. Prices include the supply, installation & maintenance during the show of circuit wiring, power consumed & dismantling. Unless an electrical fitting plan is received with the order, placement of the fittings will be at the discretion of the electricians.

PLEASE NOTE: The standard supply of electrical current available on site is single phase 220 volts, 50 cycles. Popular plug sockets is Type G (BSS 13amp square pin) but some places are Type D (round pin) is also used. Bring adapters if necessary. If you have sensitive equipment, you should arrange for voltage stabiliser / UPS.

Floor loading: In order to comply with floor loading restrictions, exhibitors with particularly heavy objects are requested to apply to the Organisers’ for clearance.

Furniture: A range of furniture, audio visual & accessories is available for hire through the Organisers. Details of products & prices are given in the Stand Upgrade Guide attached.

Cleaning: The exhibition hall will be cleaned at the end of every day. It Nov be advisable to make sure that you are around for the first cleaning exercise in case the cleaner is uncertain about what is to be thrown out. If you are likely to create a lot of waste & will require additional service, these can be arranged, but we will need to know in good time.

Restaurant facilities: There are restaurant facilities adjacent to the Exhibition Area at the venue.

Fire Precautions: The exhibition venue is equipped with extinguishers, but as ever, common sense will be the crucial factor. The Organisers’ must reserve the right to have any item believed to be dangerous removed from the exhibition hall & fire exits must not be blocked in any way.

Security: In order to maintain tight security the following measures have been taken. Exhibitors are requested to comply closely with these measures which are intended to protect their interests. All exhibitors' staff must clearly display their exhibitor badges at all times. Exhibitors without badges will be denied entry to the hall. All contractors & company employees wishing to deliver goods or remove goods outside public opening times (no removal during public opening times) must clearly display a contractor’s pass. Persons without such a pass will be denied entry/exit. The official security guards will mount a 24-hour uniformed security guard service over the exhibition areas. While every effort will be made to protect against theft from stands, exhibitors with particularly valuable equipment Nov arrange for their own security cover as well.

Insurance: The Organisers will make every effort to ensure the security of exhibits & exhibitors, but must decline any responsibility for any loss or damage which Nov occur & the responsibility for the security of a stand, its exhibits & contents, including personal property, life or medical. You are urged to take up your own independent corporate & personal insurance against any loss. You are responsible for insuring against any legal liability incurred in respect of injury or damage to property belonging to third parties. In addition you should protect your expenditure against cancellation or curtailment of the event due to reasons beyond our control.

Payment for stand: We require full payment for your stand before the exhibition commences. In the event of any payment being outstanding when the show opens you will not be permitted to occupy your stand until full payment is made.

Admission to exhibition: All visitors will be required to produce business card / register before admission & must wear the lanyard & badge given to them. Anyone not wearing a badge should be reported to the Organiser immediately. Exhibitors (and their workers) must also wear their badges at all times in the exhibition hall. Strict security must be maintained, so do not be surprised if you are refused entry to the hall if you have not got your badge. If any get lost go to the Organiser’s office for a reissue, but remember, every lost badge is a potential security threat. Please be careful with them. Exhibitors badges will be supplied to you along with any other instructions & details, from the Organizer's desk in the exhibition area at any time from 10.00 AM on setup day.

Visitor promotion: A publicity campaign for the exhibition will include a direct e-mail, tele calls, social media, sms marketing, press & radio announcement, billboards & banners. Personalized invitations will be sent to key individuals in both the public & private sectors. Exhibitors are also encouraged to advertise their stands through different media, press & on radio. Exhibitor advertising serves to reinforce the overall impact of visitor promotion.

Event Directory: A comprehensive guide to the exhibition will be published, containing an alphabetical list of exhibitors, a description of their exhibits as well as contact details of the exhibitor. Copies of the directory will be given to every registered visitor at the exhibition & will become the dedicated reference document for the event. Accuracy in the description of exhibits & other criteria provided by exhibitors on Registration Form is vital. Please return 30 days before the show to ensure that we include the necessary information on your company.

Movement of Stock: Movement of stock will not be permitted during public opening hours. The Exhibition hall will be open to exhibitors both before & after the published times, & exhibitors must use this period to replenish their stock.

Noise volume: Exhibitors using audio-visual equipment must keep the noise to an acceptable level. If this is not complied with, the Organisers’ reserve the right to ask you to cease such activities.

Dilapidation: The Organisers’ reserve the right to pass on any charges to the exhibitor for damage to the Exhibition Hall caused by the exhibitor, his staff or contractors.

Orders: Please place your orders as soon as possible & no later than 31-Oct-2022.


At the end of the show, for security reasons no equipment will be allowed out of the hall until all members of the public have left & the exhibitions is declared closed. Only staff wearing badges will be allowed into the exhibition area at this time. Details of security procedures for removing items from the hall will be issued on the day. Please ensure your stand is manned at all times during exhibition hours. The exhibition hall will be locked when the exhibition closes. The venue’s security will take over once the hall is emptied of visitors, though it is never easy to ensure watertight control of movement in & out of the exhibition hall. The Organisers’ will endeavour to ensure tight security arrangements but cannot take any responsibility for any losses whatsoever. To reiterate: No company Nov commence repackaging of exhibits until 16.00 on last day of the show unless the Organisers’ have given their express written permission to do so.


No exhibitor shall assign, sublet, or apportion the whole or any part of the space allotted, or have representatives, equipment of materials from other than their own firm in the rented space. Only the name of the exhibitor which appears on the contract may be placed in the booth and in the show’s printed exhibitor directory. Should an exhibitor cancel, exhibit space reverts back to show management for resale.


Canvassing and solicitations of business by non-exhibiting firms is prohibited & anyone found doing so will be removed from the expo immediately. Advertising material or signs of firms other than those that have rented booth space are prohibited.

Exhibitors will be expected to adhere to ethical standards in their canvassing, interviews, demonstrations, etc. Distribution of circulars or promotional material is permitted only within the contracted booth space by exhibitors.


In the event of cancellation of the expo because of circumstances beyond organiser’s control, or in the event of failure or inability to fulfill this contract, or to furnish the space due to fire, strikes, authority of the law, acts of God, terrorism, or any other cause or reason, the organiser shall determine an equitable basis for the refund of monies received from exhibitors, if any, after deducting the portion of the expenses incurred that are allocable to each exhibitor.